The Band

The Delta Rockets

The Delta Rockets

Starting as a band early in 2007, The Delta Rockets progressed quickly into a powerhouse musical ensemble of veteran singers and musicians capable of entertaining large crowds, festivals, small parties and events of nearly any size. With Rick Whedbee on bass, Kevin Seeman on keys, Paul Wells on guitar, Guyle Taber on drums and all four on vocals, the band has the unique ability to perform a wide variety of entertaining songs we all know and love. Delivering feel-good, infectious music you can’t help but dance to, played by professional musicians with a proven track record of entertaining capacity crowds with an eclectic mix of R&B, classic rock, old time blues, Motown and even a sprinkle of country, is what the The Delta Rockets are all about!




The Musicians

Rick Whedbee – Bass, Vocals

“Ricky Ray” hails from Oklahoma but has been a Solano County fixture for over 40 years where he has performed in numerous bands including The Timebandits, Graydaze, Major Minor, as well as working solo, when the occasion called for it. Rick also performs in a few other local favorite bands, including Hey Jude (Beatles Tribute) and the newly restored Major Minor!

His musical influences range from The Beatles to The Eagles, Steely Dan, Clapton…“For me, it’s more about how you bring the song to the audience. I just love seeing people up on the dance floor having a good time!”

Rick Whedbee

Guyle Taber – Drums, Vocals

Guyle’s been playing the drums for over 30 years. Starting back in the mid 70’s playing along with his early favorite bands like Kiss and Led Zeppelin, then moving into the more art-rock stylings of Yes and King Crimson. Guyle also spent several years as a snare drummer in a Tucson-based Drum & Bugle Corps. During the early part of his musical journey, Guyle played in numerous original material rock, fusion and techno style ensembles in addition to touring the northern CA, Oregon and Nevada areas as part of various cover bands playing dance club music.

Many years went by and life took its typical twists and turns, with the last turn bringing him all the way back to performing with a dynamite band once again in front of people. One of Guyle’s hobbies includes multitrack recording new material with The Delta Rockets.

Guyle Taber

Kevin Seeman – Keyboard, Vocals

Kevin plays keyboards today because his mom wouldn’t let him quit classical piano lessons forty years ago. When he finally got his wish after 8 years, he found he had gotten good enough to play the music he really loved. He had worn the grooves off his first album, the British import of Introducing the Beatles. He spent his middle teen years trying to learn to play piano like Elton John. Now after spending 25 years out of the music scene to raise four kids and grasp at rungs on the corporate ladder, Kevin is back.His current influences are–to paraphrase James Taylor–Ray Charles, Ray Charles, and Ray Charles. He has a weekly solo piano act at WineStyles and plays in the Longshots and the Uncorked Blues Band, Firewall, in addition to his work in The Delta Rockets.

Kevin Greiman

Paul Wells – Guitar, Vocals

Paul is a virtuoso guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. He performs primarily on guitar, but also knows his way around mandolin, banjo, ukelele and the kazoo! He’s been a professional guitarist for decades in bands throughout his life, growing up and spending time in Florida, New Orleans and other locales in the South. A lover of Cajun, Roots and Funk music, Paul has infused The Delta Rockets with the musical flavor of New Orleans and Funk.

Paul is also an active duty member of the United States Air Force and performs regularly with the USAF’s Band of the Golden West, The Commander’s Jazz Ensemble and The Blue Yonders. During his Air Force career, he has performed with U2, Jimmy Buffet, John Popper, and Lee Greenwood. He has twice deployed to multiple locations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has also performed for Presidents Carter, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush.

Paul Wells


Band Alumni

KéLee Marie Bordeaux – Lead Vocals

KéLee Marie Bordeaux is a highly versatile vocalist who holds a fiery, burning passion for 80’s pop/rock God, Phil Collins. She has over 20 years of recording studio experience and aspires to become a successful producer herself one day. Her songwriting skills, production knowledge and vocal ability give her a definite edge in this crazy music world. (It also saves her a bunch of money on studio time!) KéLee Marie performs with several highly talented Solano County bands and provides stand-out vocals as the lead female singer in the 9 piece horn band, The TimeBandits.

Ke'Lee Marie Bordeaux

Mark Loustanou – Guitar

Mark received his first guitar at the age of nine years old, typical of the day, it seemed everybody on his street played guitar. (southern Ca) Influenced by his mother’s limited record collection and the AM radio, the guitar (a 1964 Rickenbacker single pick-up) hardly ever left his side. Growing up in the sixties was a great time for music there was a lot of stuff thrown at you and what stuck stuck, and what you thought didn’t stick actually did, you just weren’t aware of it.Mark’s open to different genres of music and what’s fun about playing with the Rockets is that ever one brings in something different from their musical experiences. Some of the things Mark enjoys is listening to music, which includes spinning vinyl records on his vintage analog  tube audio gear, taking in small venue concerts  and of course playing with the Delta Rockets.

Mark Loustanau

Marla Harvey – Lead Vocals

At the age of 3, Marla Harvey sang her first solo at her uncle’s church in Richmond, CA, and she’s been singing ever since. Influenced by some of the great female voices of the 20th century- Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Eva Cassidy- Marla’s style combines jazz, blues and gospel elements to create a unique interpretation of each song, adding a little kick to the original versions audiences love to listen and dance to. Marla also writes and plays her own music and is working on an independent CD project.

Marla Harvey

Dan Palmer – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion

Dan started playing harmonica in the early 60’s at 15 and didn’t start playing with a band until his 20’s when he added congas and percussion to his vocal skills and started playing small clubs in the Portland area in 1974. He put music on hold for awhile and then re-connected with his cousin Kenny Engle in San Diego in 1995 and formed a four-piece rock & roll group called Bluezone playing parties, nightclubs and local festivals in the San Diego area for three years.Dan met our guitar player, Mark Loustanou in Vacaville in 2004 when they formed the group The Delta Rockets and have been playing together ever since. Dan really enjoys the dynamics of the group and what each person brings – everyone has a little different background which adds to the wealth and dynamics of our music as a group.

Dan Palmer

Vern Dutton – Bass, Vocals

Vern Dutton, is a founding member of The Delta Rockets. Vern is retired and spending his time playing the bass in the Delta Rockets. Vern started playing drums in junior high school in Richmond, CA. He switched to the bass in high school and continued to play with local bands. Vern moved to Vacaville in the early 70′s with his wife and 2 children. He spent the next 30 years working and raising his family. Vern picked up his bass again after retirement and met The Delta Rockets. The group hit it off and they’ve been playing together since then.The Delta Rockets play rock ‘n roll, blues, a bit of country, and is a great mixture of music and personalities.Vern also enjoys golfing with his wife, Nancy, and spending time with his 4 granddaughters. He hopes to eventually teach the girls an appreciation of music.

Vern Dutton